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Release Overview Description
Version 2.2 (working name 'sdo-phobos'). This release combines a range of small additions across several areas of with an ongoing concern for cleanup and integration of existing vocabulary. Notable additions include ExhibitionEvent, Barcode, DataFeed, containsPlace, GeoCircle, geoRadius, geoMidpoint, providerMobility and actionPlatform. A number of changes improve our handling of Service description, including the deprecation of the ProfessionalService construct. We have kept all the specific types that were previously considered ProfessionalService but discourage the use of the type 'ProfessionalService' since it is easily confused with 'Service'.


Site improvements

Quick fixes and Examples

See also issue list for this release.
Version 2.1 (working name 'sdo-ganymede') includes many small fixes, some new vocabulary, as well as the first release of the 'hosted extensions' mechanism, featuring bib(liographic) and auto(mobile) extensions for final review. A pre-release of this version of was available at for review.


Site improvements

Quick fixes and Examples

See also issue list for this release.
Version 2.0 consolidates and integrates's existing vocabulary. This version features many updated definitions, type/property associations and term names that improve consistency and usability. It also introduces a new extension system. Version 2.0 adds various new terms including mainEntityOfPage and major contributions from the Automotive Ontology community.


Site improvements

  • Fix to #429: Implementation of new extension system.
  • Fix to #6: Improved 404 handler for missing pages, with support for old-style "/Person/Minister" extension URLs and Action-related "/query-input" pseudo-properties.
  • Fix to #318: Added an experimental JSON(-LD) view of the hierarchy. This combines D3 with RDF schema. Thanks to Gregg Kellogg and Sandro Hawke for collaboration.
  • Various behind-the-scenes improvement to the site software.

Quick fixes and Examples

See also issue list for this release.
Lots of bugfixes and small improvements, plus new terms to describe visual artworks and invoices.


Site improvements

Quick fixes and Examples

See also issue list for this release.
ItemList and BreadcrumbList changes; Sports-related improvements; Added a Music vocabulary; Video games. Also weight/height on Person; Control and RSVP actions; Role names; Dated monetary values.


Site improvements

Quick fixes and Examples

See also issue list for this release.

Offer/price documentation fixes, cleanup and community contributions.
  • Updated text of the price property to include practical usage guidance, alongside links to information from GS1 to the gtin-related Offer properties.
  • Updated all our examples to follow that guidance; primarily by using priceCurrency and the content= attribute.
  • Noted our thanks to the OpenDomain project for our domain name.
  • Updated the text of the 'image' property to match its expected types. Thanks, Dan Scott.
  • Changed spelling of 'supercededBy' to the more conventional supersededBy. Thanks, Sachini Aparna Herath.
  • Noted that 'logo' and 'photo' are sub-properties of 'image'. Thanks, Sachini Aparna Herath, again.
  • Fixed two syntax errors in examples (Store opening hours RDFa; Book, PublicationVolume Microdata). Thanks, Gregg Kellogg.
  • Added Tolkien-based examples for exampleOfWork/workExample. Thanks, Dan Scott, again.
  • Fixed a bug with our UTF-8 support. Thanks, Richard Wallis.
Bibliographic improvements (Periodical and more) alongside seller/broker/provider clarifications.

Several bibliographic improvements, thanks to the work of the W3C BibExtend Community Group. Improved handling of Periodicals, Articles and Multi-volume Works, introducing types and supporting properties for Periodical, PublicationVolume and PublicationIssue. Adds new Article properties: pageStart, pageEnd and pagination. CreativeWork gains a convenience inverse of isPartOf called hasPart, as well as a new pair of inverses, workExample and exampleOfWork that link specific and general perspectives on creative works. Many thanks to all the BibExtend group members, to Richard Wallis for chairing, and to Dan Scott for implementing.

Provider/Seller vocabulary: this update also clarifies how to use a set of related terms, integrating sections of that had developed separately. Full details are documented at W3C and in Github, alongside an overview document. The provider property describes a service provider, service operator, or service performer, while seller describe the entities which sell or offer a service on behalf of an actual service provider. We introduce a more general broker property (replacing the over-specific bookingAgent), as well as deprecating vendor and merchant in favour of seller. Regarding flights and parcel delivery, carrier is superseded by provider. Please also note that flightNumber should now be written in full (i.e. "UA110" rather than just "110"). See the supporting documents for details.

Finally, episodeNumber, seasonNumber and clipNumber (for TV/Radio) have been harmonized with the periodicals design (issueNumber and volumeNumber). In each case, both Integer and Text values are anticipated. A common superproperty, position can also be used. This reflects implementation experience and establishes a model that can be applied elsewhere, e.g. ongoing work on describing music.

This update also improves the display and navigation of supersededBy relations between properties (e.g. see seller).

The Terms of service document was also updated to note that Yandex is now a Sponsor and to adopt the patent terms used by W3C.

Added WebSite type; broadened isPartOf property. Added a new CreativeWork type, WebSite: "A WebSite is a set of related web pages and other items typically served from a single web domain and accessible via URLs." Also adopts the suggestion made by the BibExtend group and other collaborators, to broaden the isPartOf property, which now relates any CreativeWork to any other CreativeWork. This release also makes the Potential Actions documentation available in HTML. Several markup fixes from Stéphane Corlosquet, alongside improvements to the consistency of encoding / associatedMedia property definitions thanks to Dan Scott. (announcement)
Allows image with ImageObject; adds Event organizers, Map improvements. This release amends the image property, noting that ImageObject is a reasonable value. It also adds an organizer property to Event. Changes around Map: we add and prefer a 'hasMap' property which supersedes the older 'map' property, and we add a mapType property which comes with some enumerated values: ParkingMap, SeatingMap, TransitMap, VenueMap. A Map might be (but needn't be) also an ImageObject. (announcement)
Roles, various fixes, site navigation improvements. This release introduced the notion of a Role type to See the blog post for details. The Role mechanism applies across all of, and allows simple statements to be elaborated or qualified, for example with temporal information. Other changes in this release include the addition of a license property, and some documentation of properties used internally by's documentation system (Property, Class, supersededBy, inverseOf). Fixed an embarrassing typo - "dead" - in the diet property - thanks, Dan Scott. Various other small changes - listed in the preview announcement. (announcement and candidate release)
Tweaks and fixes. Tweaks to definition of 'keywords' to indicate that comma-separated entries are expected. Several typo fixes from Stéphane Corlosquet. Adds a new icaoCode text-valued property for Airport. Updated description for flightNumber to note "not including the airline IATA code". Added missing Actions-related definitions (urlTemplate, valueName). (announcement)
Examples, examples, examples. Added two examples to accompany workPerformed. Added several local business, company contact and music event examples. Several glitch and typo fixes including MedicalEnumeration, thanks to Dan Scott. announcement blog post
Added workPerformed. Added workPerformed, a relationship between an Event and a CreativeWork that is performed at the event.
Potential Actions. Introduces vocabulary that enables websites to describe the actions they enable and how these actions can be invoked. (announcement and blog post)
Reservations, Q/A and more.

Added a Reservation schema. Question/Answer sites. Order changes. Added EmailMessage.

1.) This release of adds a finalized Reservations schema, which refines earlier proposals discussed in the Web Schemas community over the last year. See wiki for details.

The Reservations vocabulary includes: Reservation, ReservationPackage, ReservationStatusType, Ticket, Flight, EventReservation, FlightReservation, TrainReservation, BusReservation, TaxiReservation, LodgingReservation, RentalCarReservation, ProgramMembership, Seat, Vehicle, Airline, FoodEstablishmentReservation, TrainTrip, Car, BusTrip, Taxi.

2.) Q/A sites

A simple vocabulary for Question/Answer and FAQ sites. It adds types for Question, Answer, and QAPage.

3.) Adds a type EmailMessage, analogous to the existing WebPage type.

(candidate release drafted as '1.0g'; not formally announced but included in the change to github-based publishing)
Not-for-profit Offer and other fixes. This version adapts the wording around the Offer type to suit non-profit scenarios, such as libraries. Thanks to Dan Scott and the BibExtend group for these proposals. This change broadens the definition of Offer and makes associated changes to ItemAvailability and OfferItemCondition, typically rewording "the item for sale" to simply say "the item". The itemOffered property is now defined more appropriately as "The item being offered." rather than "...sold.". The "seller" property is now defined as "The organization or person making the offer.", a compromise to support its use for more kinds of offer. (candidate release and announcement)
Accessibility properties and Order type. This release includes a schema for describing Orders, as well as the Accessibility properties for CreativeWork (see discussion). The W3C WebSchemas wiki has the Order proposal and draft schema. For Accessibility, see the blog post for more background on the collaborations involved. See also wiki materials and the draft schema. (announcement)
TV/Radio; Civic Services; ContactPoint Event and Organization improvements.

TV/Radio improvements in collaboration with BBC and EBU - see guest blog post by Yves Raimond. For example see TVEpisode.

For Background see the TV/Radio wiki entry.

Civic Services (which includes ContactPoint) was blogged when first discussed. See also wiki entry. Example type: GovernmentService.

Event improvements: wiki entry. Organization improvements: wiki entry. In particular, this update added department, and subOrganization properties.

(blog announcement).
Actions (in the past). Introduced a (past-tense) Actions vocabulary (see wiki) This updated added an Action type, supporting properties, and a substantial set of subtypes. It was followed in 2014 by a mechanism for describing potential actions. (announcement)
Added sameAs; broadened citation.

Adds sameAs property to Thing that makes it easier to indicate identifying URLs for entities being described (wiki). The citation property has been moved up to CreativeWork, from MedicalScholarlyArticle (wiki). Thanks to the BibExtend group for suggesting this small but useful improvement.

Adds LRMI, Datasets, Audience, Technical Publishing vocabulary and more.

For LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative), a collaboration co-led by Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) and Creative Commons: Added several properties, mainly to CreativeWork. Added AlignmentObject type, for aligning content to educational coding schemes. (see wiki).

Added Dataset type (collaboration building upon work at W3C and elsewhere). See also blog, wiki.

Added Audience and related types, useful for LRMI and other applications (wiki.

Added Technical Publishing vocabulary: TechArticle, APIReference, Code. See also early blog post and Wiki entries for TechArticleSchema, APIReferenceSchema and CodeSchema.

Added Good Relations e-commerce vocabulary. Added substantial e-commerce vocabulary based on Good Relations; re-engineered site to accept RDFa/RDFS schema definitions from community.(wiki) (announcement blog post and email from Martin Hepp)
Fix for requiresSubscription property. A minor bugfix release, which improved the documentation of requiresSubscription property. We now encourage its Boolean value to be represented as true/false rather than yes/no.
Added DateTime, Time datatypes. Added two datatypes in preparation for Good Relations integration. (announcement)
Added additionalType property. Added additionalType property (wiki). "An additional type for the item, typically used for adding more specific types from external vocabularies in microdata syntax. This is a relationship between something and a class that the thing is in. In RDFa syntax, it is better to use the native RDFa syntax - the 'typeof' attribute - for multiple types. tools may have only weaker understanding of extra types, in particular those defined externally." (announcement)
Added Medical/Health vocabulary.

This release added substantial vocabulary in the medical/health domain (around 100 classes, 200 properties). The additions are mainly organized beneath the MedicalEntity type. An overview document is also provided. From the blog post:

"This collaborative project drew upon search expertise from the partners but also gained immeasurably through feedback from expert reviewers including the US NCBI; physicians at Harvard, Duke and other institutions, as well as from several health Web sites. Contributions from the W3C Healthcare and Lifesciences group and Web Schemas community also helped bridge the complex worlds of Web standards, search and medicine/healthcare."

Removed plural 's' suffix from repeatable properties; added Comment type, SoftwareApplication vocabulary.

Added new properties per Singularity proposal: 23 changes: actor, album, attendee, award, blogPost, colleague, contactPoint, employee, encoding, episode, event, founder, map, member, parent, performer, photo, review, season, sibling, significantLink, subEvent, track. Each of these originally had a plural 's' to indicate repeatability. After discussion in the W3C WebSchemas group, the consensus was that this was confusing and worthwhile changing.

This revision added a new type, 'Comment', whose super-type is CreativeWork (wiki)

Also adds SoftwareApplication and supporting vocabulary (wiki, original proposal), including MobileApplication, WebApplication subtypes.

Converged URL/Url spelling. After WebSchemas discussion, consensus was: For each of embedURL, contentURL, downloadURL, ensure there is an equivalent property named with mixed-case: 'embedUrl', 'contentUrl', 'downloadUrl'.

Note: this table is not currently complete - it misses 0.92-0.94 and any changes between 2011-06-02 and 2012-04-21(0.91). See also Linked Open Vocabularies entry.